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  • Pg. 5 - The one overlooked problem that will put businesses like yours out of business...
  • ​Pg. 7 - If ransomware is attacking your business today, would you pay it? Are you able to recover your data if not?
  • ​Pg. 10 - 7 MAJOR threats that will repel your dream clients and take down your business... number 2 especially. 
  • ​Pg. 16 - What is your data worth to you? Will your dream clients trust someone who doesn't value it? 
  • ​Pg. 22 - 3 questions you need to be asking yourself... (and if your answer is "I Don't Know" be ready for an incident)
  • ​Pg. 25 - How to make your business and digital assets 10X more secure...

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